About Us

Fulmer U-Save Pharmacy has been proudly providing top of the line healthcare since 1987. Being a community staple, we've proudly taken on the role of improving Holdrege, Funk, Axtell, Loomis, Bertrand, Oxford and Orleans's health care by providing fast and personalized service. We strive to make every experience you have with us a great one. At our pharmacy, your family is our family. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring that you receive expert care on every visit. Stop by today and let Fulmer U-Save Pharmacy become part of your family.

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Kim Fulmer, RPh

Kim is the owner of Fulmer U-Save Pharmacy and is currently in the role of Pharmacist in Charge. He oversees store operations and prescription fulfillment, while specializing in hormone and thyroid consultations and serving as the compounding pharmacist.

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Paul Fulmer, PharmD

Paul is a lead team Pharmacist, who in addition to pharmacist duties of filling and checking prescriptions, serves as a Medicare Part D consultant, working with our customers to better understand their plans. As a lead team pharmacist, he also has several roles in overseeing store operations and prescription inventory.

Deb S.

Deb S is a full-time Pharmacist at Fulmer USave. Her primary responsibilities include running and checking prescriptions, as well as consulting customers with their prescription and over the counter product questions.

Debra H.

Debra H is a full-time Pharmacist at Fulmer USave. She began working with us in November of 2020 and brings with her 12 years of experience as a Pharmacist-in-Charge in Waverly, Nebraska (2016 – 2020 USave & 2009 – 2016 Four Start Drug). She is a native Duster, graduating from HHS in 1983, and she began her pharmacy career working downtown at Noble Drug during her high school years.


Corinne serves as CFO of Fulmer USave, fulfilling many roles as related to the financial operations of the pharmacy. She also contributes to the daily functioning as a clerk, aiding customers with over the counter and prescription purchases.


Scott is the Pharmacy Manager overseeing the day-to-day operations of the store. His main role is to serve his customers and his employees in order to make customer experiences as smooth, comfortable, and efficient as possible.


Charista is a PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician and serves as our lead technician for our packaging program. Packaging is a program which delivers customers prescriptions pre-packaged for easy dispensing and adherence. She is also expanding her role to assist in the compounding lab.


Brad is a Nebraska Certified Pharmacy Technician who runs and fills our day-to-day prescriptions. He is in charge of Parata Max II Robot maintenance and serves as our primary inventory control technician.


Breann is a PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician who specializes in our prescription sync program, which coordinates prescription fills so they may be picked up one time per month vs randomly throughout. She is also working in our packaging department, and daily runs and fills general prescriptions.


Gayla is our longest standing employee and serves in a part-time role as a Pharmacy Technician. She has been a part of the USave team for over 15 years.


Chloe has worked with USave for multiple years and serves as the Lead Front-End Associate. Her primary role is that of overseeing front-end operations, which includes clerking, inventory management, retail showcasing, all while assisting our customers at the register with over the counter and prescription purchases, and processing mailers and deliveries.


Ellie began working with USave in September of 2021. She primarily works as a front-end associate, focusing on clerking, customer service, prescription filing, & managing daily financial sheets. She is working towards acquiring her Pharmacy Technician license as well.


Hannah has been with USave since March of 2022 and is primarily serving as a front-end associate. Her role is advancing beyond assisting customers with over the counter and prescription purchases to include managing our greeting card assortment, aiding with end of day processes, mailing, & deliveries. She is also expanding her role to that of a pharmacy technician.


Hayle is one of our newest employees. She started with us in July of 2022 as a front-end clerk and is working towards her Nebraska pharmacy technician license.


Alexia is new to the staff here, just having moved to the area from central Kansas. She is working towards her Nebraska pharmacy technician license.


Kayla serves as an Office Manager seeking to advance and grow the capabilities of the compounding laboratory as well leading the claim re-imbursement department.

We have multiple part-time and seasonal employees who contribute greatly to the functioning of our store.

Abby & Maddie are two seasonal employees, both in college working towards degrees in Pharmacy. They have both acquired their PCTB Certified Pharmacy Technician licenses.

Chelsea, Heidi, Paola, & Avery all contribute as part-time employees, working mostly as front-end associates.